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Found 1 Pepper

Pet Owner: Israel F. (TX)Pet Name: PepperDate Lost: 06/25/2017

Dog was found within the first 24 hours.


Found 3 lemon

Pet Owner: Lauren M. (DE)Pet Name: lemonDate Lost: 06/23/2017Date Found: 06/26/17

I am thankful for this site and to the family in Johnathan's Landing on Masters Lane, that found lemon and called me.To come get him on Monday morning. Lemon was missing since Friday afternoon and My family and neighbors helped me search for him.. Lemon is only 10 months old and is like a new baby to me, My family was devastated at his lost, We all are forever grateful to everyone especially the family that found and returned him.I am taking him to the Avian Veterinarian today to make sure he is healthy, The family who found him would not accept the reward and was very pleased to be able to return him to his family. It is a wonderful feeling knowing there are so many good people in this world.The family who found him used the website to contact me, I am so very happy that this site exist. I will look on here daily now to help other families recover their pets as I did. and share the site with others who may need it , Thank you everyone.


Found 1 Ruby

Pet Owner: Marcela M. (CA)Pet Name: RubyDate Lost: 06/23/2017

Thank you lostmydoggy for your support!!!! Ruby was found.


Found 1 Ducky

Pet Owner: Joy F. (NC)Pet Name: DuckyDate Lost: 06/13/2017Date Found: 06/17/17

Was very pleased with how quickly you sent out the information about Ducky. I was also very pleased with the number of places yoh sent the information and the different areas that you covered. Thank you!!


Found 1 Brutus

Pet Owner: Brandi Y. (IN)Pet Name: BrutusDate Lost: 06/23/2017

I am so thankful for all the help! Thank you So much for spreading the word to get Brutus home!!!


Found 1 Nigel

Pet Owner: Doris G. (GA)Pet Name: NigelDate Lost: 06/23/2017Date Found: 06/24/17

A very helpful website which created a poster for free. Dog spent night in a couple' home and was taken to animal control where microchip linked him up to us immediately. So grateful for services like your.


Pet Owner: B S. (NC)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 06/23/2017Date Found: 06/24/17

Thanks for all the help. Great net work system. thanks again.


Found 1 Rocky

Pet Owner: Debbie S. (CA)Pet Name: RockyDate Lost: 06/21/2017Date Found: 06/22/17

Although it was my dog's ID tag that led a nice family to contact me when they found him in some bushes at a park 5 miles from home, I appreciate your website and services. I was just about to walk the neighborhood to post the flyers you provided when I received the phone call. Thank you!


Found 1 Rubble

Pet Owner: selina b. (AL)Pet Name: RubbleDate Lost: 06/21/2017Date Found: 06/22/17

Great help on getting the info out. Rubble is home and safe. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !


Found 1 Sasha

Pet Owner: Alexandra T. (TX)Pet Name: SashaDate Lost: 08/15/2015Date Found: 06/22/17

My Belgian Malinois had been missing since the winter of 2014. I was devastated because she was very expensive, beautiful, and had a precious personality. I don't know if she was stolen or just jumped in the car with someone who opened the gate. I never dreamed I would get her back, especially after 2 and a half years. Because of I now have her back at home. The couple who found her on a hwy about 50 miles away checked and gave you their phone number. I received an email today and rushed over to the couple's home. Low and behold there was my baby. She even recognized me and she was only 6 months old when she was taken or wandered off. I will always be eternally grateful for They are an amazing organization. Thank you so very much


Found 1 Trigger

Pet Owner: Brenda S. (VA)Pet Name: TriggerDate Lost: 06/17/2017Date Found: 06/22/17

I would like to Thank, I got my dog back home safe and in good health.It was your site that bought my Trigger home. Thank you


Found 1 Bert

Pet Owner: Mary L. (KS)Pet Name: BertDate Lost: 06/11/2017

We found Bert! Thank you!


Found 2 Fry

Pet Owner: Elizabeth W. (NM)Pet Name: FryDate Lost: 06/17/2017

My Fry came home this morning and he seems to be in good shape. But I am very please for the assistance and information I got here with your website. I will mention it to others for certain. Thank you so very much!


Found 1 BUNNY

Pet Owner: Adriana L. (CA)Pet Name: BUNNYDate Lost: 06/18/2017Date Found: 06/19/17

I did not find my dog through I lost my doggie. However , I lost my doggie was extremely helpful! Emailed everyone within my perimeter .


Found 1 Koko

Pet Owner: Brittaney P. (CA)Pet Name: KokoDate Lost: 06/11/2017

After 3 days.. a neighbor found koko wondering the streets.
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